Angel Manor Estate

Welcome to Angel Manor Estate in Second Life.

A cultural mecca, Angel Manor brings together many art forms under one roof – The Rose Theatre, The Rose Art Galleries, The Rose Lounge, The Rose Opera House. Recreational activities, the Peace Chapel and a community of tenants make Angel Manor Estate a hive of activity, culture and mystery.


The Rose Theatre showcases the best live musicians found in Second Life and Real Life. With a grounding in real life theatre and performance, Kaya Angel has built a stage set with lighting unlike anything seen before in Second Life – allowing for a full, immersive experience that could rival any real life counterpart.

Art Gallery

The Rose Art Galleries present 10 highly talented and imaginative artists, rotated each month in their own dedicated gallery.

Society Sessions

The Rose Lounge presents The Society Sessions – an intimate acoustic, unplugged musical performance from the wealth of Second Life talent. Allowing for greater scope, The Rose Lounge has opened Angel Manor to a diverse selection of musicians from across the grid.

Opera House

The Rose Opera House  provides the perfect venue for independent performing arts in Second Life, from ballet to performance art to theatrical productions.

Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is a spectacular open space dedicated to creativity. The venue for the Angel Family Balls, it can be transformed to cater to any requirement.


Building and Furniture sales provide funding for events and performances across all venues. All furniture across the multi-sim venue is available to purchase, as well as a range of buildings created by Kaya Angel, all with the opulent style and wonder that comes from Angel Manor Estate.



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