Fall on the Estate

I felt a definite breeze walking through the estate gardens this morning – I even caught a glimpse of Jeeves hurrying through the doors to fetch his coat before making his rounds.

Carter and Kean have been busy making sure we have enough sustainable fuel to heat the estate this year, and with Margaret’s beady eye watching them, they’ve been working extra hard to ensure the wood shed is stocked (then, she is always complaining about feeling the cold).

This is my favourite time to be on the estate – the leaves are starting to turn glorious shades of orange and yellow, the ducklings have all but grown and are flapping their wings nervously against the chill air. I hate seeing them leave but know they have a wonderful winter vacation only to return to us next Spring.

It must be time to dust down the autumn wardrobe (or even a good excuse to do a bit of shopping!) I am looking forward to curling up in the library with a pot of tea and a good book, watching the weather unfurl outside. Salem is good company during the colder weather – he tends to spend more time on the library sofa or in front of the fire than prowling through the grounds. Even Benj has been seen indoors more than out this week or so. And the horses will need their rugs before being turned out for the night before long.

A period of change before the harsh weather draws in – but the most beautiful one of that.



About Kezzy Forwzy-Angel

Logistics Manager for Angel Manor Estate - six years of living the dream.
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